The pontoon boat is paid in full at time of departure. Your reservation deposit is of course credited to you at this time.
Also renters are responsible for any damage which may accrue while renting. There will be a check list for different items as far as the condition of the boat is concerned, that you and the owner will go over at the time of departure. The renter will sign a damage clause as you would when you rent a U-Haul.

Once your reservation deposit is received it holds your pontoon boat for you, from others , wanting to rent on that particular pontoon on that date! Your reservation deposit will only be refunded in the event of Bay news 9 Doppler Radar indicating 60% rain or small craft advisory!

The boat may only be driven by the designated driver/s on the contract who must be at least 30 years old.

No drinking and driving. It's the LAW! If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving record. No kidding!

The boat will be cruised at 3/4 throttle, not full throttle. Not only is this better for the engine; but outboard engines at full throttle are going to use a lot more gas for very little extra speed. There will be a 5 gallon container of gas available on board if you are going to be cruising for an extended period. Keep in mind that the more people on board, the more gas the boat will be using. We do not charge what the marinas charge for gas. We charge you what BP and shell charge us at the pump per gallon for mid grade 98 octane which is around 3 dollars a gallon. Remember we have 4-stroke outboard engines and they are much more efficient than the very common 2-stroke engines.

BALANCE the passengers on the boat so it does not list to one side or ride bow down in the water. Too many people in the bow convert the pontoon into a submarine, and that is never good!

YOU MUST have a fully charged cell phone on board and keep it turned on. We recommend you bring a zip lock bag as cell phones and salt water are not friends. keep all personal belonging secure, we are not responsible for lost items.

Children under 6 must wear a life jacket at all times while the boat is underway - it's the LAW! We do have youth size life vest, any child over 6, but under 90 lbs. will have to have one of these vests available for them. We also have child size vests 30-50 lbs and infant size 0-30lbs so let us know your needs when making a reservation so we can notate it for your rental!!.

Stay between the red and green markers at all times; otherwise you may run aground. When in shallower water, the TRIM for the motor can be used until you reach deeper water. If you brake, or snap the propeller you'll be charged to replace it. If you just scrap it up with dings you'll be charged 20 dollars for (wearable usage) these propellers are not cheap so be carful.

When trimming up the engine, do NOT allow the propeller to come out of the water. Not only will you loose steering but you could damage the engine and it can be very costly.

Obey No Wake Zones at all times. If we receive a complaint from that you have broken this rule you will be changed an additional $150. The designated No Wake Zones are clearly posted throughout the channel ways & inn coastal.

Stay at least 100-200 yards from the mainland shoreline but not further when on the gulf side. Watch your depth sounder; when it reads 3 feet or less slow down and be careful.

When a larger boat approaches you in the channel be aware that their wake could flood your boat, SLOW DOWN and move passengers to the rear of the boat.

Stay away from Styrofoam balls and other buoys - these are crab traps that can rip up the propeller. And don't retrieving those crabs - that carries a $5000 fine in the State of Florida!
You are responsible for the boat, motor, equipment and most importantly the passengers. You break it, rip it or lose it= you bought it! Water ladders are 275 bucks,, "use it but don't loose it" There's also a safety waver liability form for your signature.

If a storm comes in, call for instructions. Then make sure the boat is anchored solidly and take shelter under the Bimini top. Small showers don’t qualify for refunds, just heavy 3+ hour storms.
DO NOT beach the boat. Drop the anchor off the front first, ensuring that the boat is floating at all times. If the boat is beached on a sand bar by an outgoing tide and gets stuck and you cannot get free, and we have to pick you up and come back out to guard the boat for 8 hours until the next tide comes in, you will be charged $200. So please be careful and always use your common sense.

After dropping the anchor, yank on it to make sure it is set - the grass flats in our area can sometimes jam up an anchor so it just skids and does not set properly the first time. Rinse the mud off the anchor before stowing it on board. The loss of the anchor will result in an additional charge of $100 to replace it.

It would also be a good idea to have a smart phone with GPS to help navigate. If you are unfamiliar with the local waterways we'll show you how to get around. Our charter maps also indicate sandbars grass flats avg. depth. There are several restaurants along the waterway in which you can dock the boat and have lunch or dinner or other entertainment.

If you leave the ignition on, the battery may drain. So always shut the ignition off and pull the key out and just let it hang there when you want to stop for a period of time. If we have to come out to you and we find it was "operator error," due to you not following the instructions, you will be charged applicable rates. When renting and leaving out of our Sarasota Bradenton public boat dock locations renters are required to stay in Bradenton Sarasota location. If you Take the boat out of the agreed and rented area and you run aground and or the boat breaks in anyway you, the renter would be responsible for tow service. Otherwise our boat is covered through our commercial policy.

You may return early, if you wish. Just call at least one hour before returning to the boat launch dock. We know that 8 hours or so on a boat can make for a very long day.

You (as the renter) are responsible for your safety, the safety of those on board and the property of the boat, so don’t run into anything. Remember your check list of things too bring; e.g., cell phone, food, drinks, ice, sunscreen, fishing poles, towels etc. And if you wish you may bring the family dog... and don’t forget to have fun!

Thank you for supporting yours and our local economy. We take pride of ownership in our pontoon boats and we know you'll have a great time!


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